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I Go Humble (var.3) guitar tab read and play online

                    Bjork song called I Go Humble.  It is found on the Isobel single #2 along
with Charlene,  Isobel and Venus as a Boy(Harpsichord).  The tab is
extremly simple,  but it is my first.  It is worth noting that the song
is probably not really played with guitar,  but it is fun to play on a
guitar,  if you are a beginner like me.


There it is.  You can play either,  if you have two guitars,  one on
each.  If anybody has any other bjork tabs,  pleeeeeeease send them.  I
know bjork doesn't use much guitar,  and she uses weird scales,  but i
bet someone can figure a few out.  If any body has any other cool bjork
stuff,  please email at"
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  I Go Humble



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